We can handle any business size project at Castle Builders and Roofing, and we offer a three-year craftsmanship warranty. Homeowners’ associations, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, and more…if it has a roof, we can install it or repair it.

What Is A Commercial Roof?

The design of commercial and residential roofs differs. A business roof has a lower slope or is completely flat, and it is significantly larger than a residential roof. Flat roofs are more difficult to maintain and repair since they are made up of larger expanses that are constructed in portions. A business roof’s conventional design takes into account a number of considerations, including the weight of the equipment stored on the roof and the necessity to cover a wider area. Residential dwellings are easier to maintain, repair, and replace than commercial buildings since they have fewer architectural concerns.

The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Roofs

A roof may appear to be a roof. There is, however, a distinction between a residential and a commercial roof. Natural disasters can cause significant damage to either style of roof, resulting in a loss of property value. Both necessitate the use of high-quality materials and good installation by experienced roofing companies. They’ll recognize that residential and commercial roofs are not the same. It is critical to recognize that these distinctions are crucial in locating a high-quality roofing system for each structure.

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