We Can Finance Your Roof

Having to replace your roof can be a stressful situation. It can be much more difficult to find out how to pay for it.
Because your roof is a need that protects you and your family, it’s critical to have it fixed before it causes a slew of issues. Repairs may be able to extend the life of your current roof while providing you time to save up for a new roof.

Your roof, however, is unconcerned with your schedule or financial status. You’ll have to pay for a new roof when it’s time for it to be replaced.
While there’s little you can do about the cost of your new roof, many homeowners wonder, “Can I finance my roof if I can’t pay for it all at once?” We’ll break it down for you because we focus on answering critical issues, specifically about how to afford a new roof.

You can finance your new roof in the same way that you may buy a new car. Getting your roof replaced financed is actually a rather simple process.
I’ll use our company (Castle Builders and Roofing) as an example, as well as the finance company we utilize (EnerBankUSA).
First, a local roofing firm will give you an estimate for the cost of replacing your roof.
You can also use a roofing calculator to receive an estimate and see how much you’ll have to spend each month based on that figure. However, you’ll need a roof assessment to figure out what your monthly payment would be for your new roof.

You’ll be sent to EnerBank to answer some questions, get authorized (depending on your credit score), pick how long you want to make payments, and agree on a monthly payment after knowing the cost of your new roof.
EnerBank will pay your roofing job if you are approved, and you will be able to begin your roof replacement immediately. When the replacement procedure is over, you’ll sign off that you’re satisfied with the job, and your payments will begin 12-24 months after your roofing contractor gets paid.
This is simply a quick illustration of how our method works. If you’d like to finance your roof replacement, contact us and we’ll help you get started.

You may replace your roof now and pay later with simple roof financing! You’ll get all the aid you need to finance your roof repair job thanks to our partners at EnerBankUSA. Fill out the online application to get started and obtain pre-qualified offers from 12 to 24 months loans, same as cash. We also offer traditional financing.