Residential Roofing Repairs

A leaking roof can cause serious harm to your personal items as well as your home’s general structural integrity. Missing shingles might serve as a fresh home for insects. Roof shingles that are cracked or broken can trap moisture, allowing mold to grow. Lightning-damaged materials can jeopardize the structural integrity of your roof, necessitating repair or complete replacement.
Our team of experienced, professional roofing professionals at Castle Builders and Roofing are experts at locating the source of the damage and implementing a trustworthy, effective solution.

Replacement And Installation

Roofs take a lot of abuse and are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Unfortunately, due to the harsh Florida weather, they must be completely replaced on a more frequent basis than one may assume.
We recognize that having your home’s roof rebuilt is a big deal — both physically and financially. That’s why we provide financing same as cash or traditional, so you may get the roof you want without compromising anything.