What Are Wood Shake Roofs?

Wood shake is a type of wood roofing material made by breaking thin rectangles of wood from a log. Wood shingles and wood shakes are the two forms of wood roofing materials. When opposed to a wood shake, wood shingles are sawn on both sides and thinner at the bottom. Wood shakes are thicker than shingles because they are sawn on one side and hand split on the other. Both are wedge-shaped and fastened to a roofing deck independently.

What’s the difference between shingles and shakes?

The way each one is made is what distinguishes them. Wood shingles were sawn from a block of wood 50 years ago, and wood shakes were split off with a sharp blade or mallet. Wood shingles are now machine-produced, while wood shakes are made by hand with the use of power equipment, thanks to technological improvements. Because shingles are tapered by sawing but shake is not, the finished effect of a wood shake roof is highly textured. Because they are sawn, shingles have some cross grain, whereas shakes are split and follow the grain more precisely.
A wood shingle roof will have a much smoother and more consistent appearance. A roof made of wood shakes will appear more rustic and natural.


Wood shakes provide a thick, textured appearance that adds depth and complexity to a roof. The various grain patterns, ridges, and grooves that emerge during the splitting process are the reason for this. Wood shakes have a rough appearance, with each piece differing somewhat from the rest. Wood shingles have a smooth, flat appearance and are far more uniform than asphalt shingles. Wood shingles are popular for exterior siding because of their lovely, homogeneous appearance. Weathered wood shingles provide a wonderfully unique and lovely appearance in either case!


Heavy hand split cedar shakes, also known as heavy 3/4″ inch natural cedar shakes, are the most long-lasting sort of wood roofing material. The 3/4″ refers to the thickness of the shake’s bottom end. The most lasting sort of wood roofing is hefty hand split cedar shakes, which provide the thickest amount of protection from hail, UV rays, severe rain, and wind.